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Crossing, digital metal sculpture – Toulouse (France)

Sculpture project for the Candilis basin in the small wood of Bellefontaine in Toulouse France. A sculpture that pays tribute to exiles from immigration, to those who crossed the Mediterranean despite fears and anxieties. Silhouettes in motion that honor the…

ENAC’s holon

Exhibition at ENAC (National School of Civil Aviation), Toulouse France. February 2017 A holon (from the Greek ὅλον, “in whole”) is both a whole and a part of another whole larger than it. Its structure exists at a point of…

Chimera, digital metal sculptures

Poetic Attack at Fort de la Galline, Port Vendres September 17, 2016

Holons of the Anthropocene, extended sculpture : digital metal sculpture and animated shadow

We would have come to recognize with Paul Crutzen and Bruno Latour that the twentieth century marked the entry of the Earth into the Anthropocene, this new geological epoch where man became responsible for what is now called the “sixth…

Digital sculpture, process of realization

Animation drawings are created on a computer via the rotoscoping technique. Computer programming allows a search of composition of still images from the sum of the drawings of the animation : the “holongraphies”. The final composition is exported in a…

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