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digital space & public space : installations , digital sculptures, video mapping, augmented reality


Light path in Vitré, France (2018-2019)

Immerse yourself in the history of Vitré (Brittany, France) through the discovery of its heritage, encounter with the historical figures of the city: Guyonne (who introduced Protestantism in the city), Pierre-Etienne Savary (passionate about Egypt, one of the first to…

Interview of Aymeric Reumaux in the Colporteur, cultural magazine – 2017

Special file about the Holons of St Girons in LE COLPORTEUR N ° 2 (September 2017), cultural magazine of the community of communes of Couserans-Pyrenees. Holons de St-Girons: Entering dreams, between order and chaos Computer programmer, cartoonist, visual artist, performer,…

The Dream Office – St Girons (France)

In spring 2017, Aymeric Reumaux and Véronik De Bisschop are invited in St Girons for a creation with the inhabitants. They open for the occasion a Dream Office, in a vacant shop on the main street of the city, where…

ENAC’s holon

Exhibition at ENAC (National School of Civil Aviation), Toulouse France. February 2017 A holon (from the Greek ὅλον, “in whole”) is both a whole and a part of another whole larger than it. Its structure exists at a point of…

Chimera, digital drawing

Devastating monster who seduces and loses the one who comes to him. Project in collaboration with dancer / choreographer Alexander Ray Brettel

Time Capsule – Verdun / Garonne (2014)

One year of presence in Verdun / Garonne (France) on invitation of the Happy Culture association; there is December and the time has come to end this year of immersion in the life of Verdun, very rich in events, meetings,…

Walter, retired pastry chef – Verdun/ Garonne

Lively diptych portrait of Walter, retired pastry chef [topswf swf=’http://holons.online.fr/wp-content/uploads/walter_3.swf’ width=’500′ height=’750′ quality=’best’ wmode=’transparent’ scale=’default’ flashvars=” allowfullscreen=’fal

holon des champs, augmented reality installation

“Van Gogh was one of those natures of superior lucidity that allow them, in all circumstances, to see further, infinitely and dangerously further than the immediate and apparent reality of the facts.” Antonin Artaud What if a device of augmented…

Patrice, archaeologist – 2014

Holons de Garonne, diptych portraits – 2014

Beyond, exhibition – Cryptoportique de Sorde l’Abbaye (France)

Suddenly, humanity goes faster and this new speed creates a new space. A new anthropological space which enables us to revisit the different times of memory. Since the dawn of time, man has never ceased to connect with a beyond….

Way of the cross

Constant reinterpretation of the inheritance, inadmissibility of the argument of authority, incentive to enrich the common heritage, refusal of concentration of the powers, competitive cooperation, continuous education of the taste and the critical sense, valuation of the personal judgment, concern…

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