exposition Ondes et Lumières - cryptoportique de Sorde l'Abbaye - été 2012

Suddenly, humanity goes faster and this new speed creates a new space. A new anthropological space which enables us to revisit the different times of memory.

Since the dawn of time, man has never ceased to connect with a beyond. Beyond shamanism in the prehistoric era, beyond divine and transcendent under the Christian era, to this technological and humanist beyond with which we are now living every day, with our eyes fixed on the meteorological sky of our smartphone.

In the theological discourse, illumination came from above and the spokesman of the Angel or God distributed it among men, a descending one-way pattern. According to the emerging humanist project, the sources spring up right here, distributed in the world and among the men. Everything that flowed from top to bottom in the theological discourse could be translated in the technological device as springing from bottom to top. From transcendence to immanence. To build a collective intelligence could then be for the human communities, a secular, philanthropic and reasonable way to reach the divinity … (*)

Sorde, an ancestral place of passage which has preserved the traces of the different ages of humanity. Carved horses of Duruthy from Magdalenian age, mosaics of Gallo-Roman villas, the Abbey and its multiple constructions over the centuries.

“Beyond”, a course of installations, an invitation to revisit these different times of memory in the cryptoporticus (cave) of the Abbey. A dreamlike journey through the ages, re-animation of the footprints of the site, parietal animations, the walls come alive as at the bottom of the hollow.

14 vaults as in a way of the cross … that lead us from the ground to the sky, like in a hopscotch, game already practiced by the Romans …

The visit of the cryptoportic is divided into 3 distinct parts each of which connects us with a different time of memory: archaeological memory of the Paleolithic, historical memory from the Neolithic and writing, numerical memory of the noolithic (*)

* The stone age of the spirit, according to Pierre Levy – Collective Intelligence, 1998

PAR LES LUEURS (grange N°5)

Polyphonic choir improvised, the collective intellectual never goes out, constantly enlightened, animated by the flames of living intelligences. Here we are again crossed by the lights. Videography on hanging papers.



Saturday, September 15 2012, concert / show as part of the Heritage Days:


“On the occasion of Heritage Days, we propose to bring to the surface of the abbey a number of memories that were awakened during this summer’s exhibition in the cryptoportic underground … to sing them in the open air and to make them resound in images and music Work on a device of video frescoes composed on the moment that invite to times of meeting and musical improvisation.

With: Aymeric Reumaux (videography) , Beñat Achiary (vocals), Didier Lasserre (drums), Kako Cavalié (electronics and instruments), Nina Vitale (dance), RayMundo (shadow) .Concert at 21:00 organized by the CCPOrthe and produced by Cinémagin’action ”

Production team :

Design and implementation: Aymeric Reumaux
assisted by Nina Vitale

Sound creation: Kako Cavallié

Animations and programming: Aymeric Reumaux

Video mapping “at the source”: Benoît Zebra

Creation of materials and media: Nina Vitale

Technical management: Kako Cavallié

Production monitoring: Jean-Louis Boutevin

Thanks to Pascale and Henriette for their helpful help on the sewing workshop of the cave.




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