Sculpture project for the Candilis basin in the small wood of Bellefontaine in Toulouse France.

A sculpture that pays tribute to exiles from immigration, to those who crossed the Mediterranean despite fears and anxieties.
Silhouettes in motion that honor the men and women who have left their land and their roots, who have abandoned everything for an unknown horizon.

A sculpture that reconnects the neighborhood (Belle-fontaine) to its source, which reveals the precious water and allows to take a fresh look at the Roman fountain installed here since ancient times.

Corten steel sculpture (230 x 660 cm)

sortiePlogeon4_70x50 - copie

A sculpture based on animation drawings,
characters seized in their journey, fixed in the moment,
crossing the sea, the fountain,
in motion, towards new horizons.



The sculpture project “holons de Bellefontaine” is proposed as part of the renovation of the small wood Bellefontaine Mirail. This project emerged following a series of workshops conducted in 2016 in Bellefontaine with a group of teenagers in connection with the Collectif HDFS and the CSF (Confederation Syndicale des Familles) Bellefontaine.

During these workshops, we explored the different phases of realization of a sculpture: design, video shooting, animation drawing, animation characters (holons), digital publication. The concept of crossing was at the center of our reflections: crossing the fountain, water, seas, crossing life, our fears … crossing despite our fears, to escape, to transform, to grow, to dare , celebrate.