Exhibition at ENAC (National School of Civil Aviation), Toulouse France. February 2017

A holon (from the Greek ὅλον, “in whole”) is both a whole and a part of another whole larger than it. Its structure exists at a point of balance between order and chaos. The dimensions of holons range from subatomic particles to multiverse composed of all possible universes. Atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, humans, their societies and cultures are intermediate levels of holons. Thus, each person of the school ENAC is a holon and part of the higher level holon: the ENAC’s holon.

To understand the spirit of this holon, let’s consider the modern aeronautical quest in line with that of the shaman of ancient times to conquer the spirit of the bird, brave the elements, touch the heights.

In the rotoscope 2.0, all the signs and knowledge of the different trades of the school are fragmented, shaken, amalgamated, for an algorithmic journey in the epicenter of aeronautics.


Sculpture prolongée (découpe métal numérique et ombre portée)



Rotoscope 2.0 (Réactualisation du rotoscope de Max Fleisher (1917), avec la complicité de l’atelier menuiserie de l’ENAC)