In spring 2017, Aymeric Reumaux and Véronik De Bisschop are invited in St Girons for a creation with the inhabitants. They open for the occasion a Dream Office, in a vacant shop on the main street of the city, where everyone is invited to share a dream: dream of the night or even the most incredible daydream. The collection is also conducted with students from schools, colleges and high schools.

Nearly 400 dreams are collected and enabled to generate a series of 15 “augmented” paintings, mixing digital drawing, animation and story of dreams.

  • Digital printing: printing on flags (50x50cm), and on fabrics (70x50cm)
  • Limited edition: digital print on cardboard (70x50cm) 15 × 10 copies
  • Editions of 7 series of postcards with augmented reality (7 × 500 copies)

FlashThe “augmented” paintings are installed in public space; everyone is invited to play his own score via a smartphone application: dreams awaken, confide in our ears and invite us to a dreamlike journey in the city.

Rêves Party! (Dreams Party !)

Friday, June 17th : performance mixing the lecture of dreams, music and video mapping. With Lydiane Auclair, Olivier Sessa, Véronik De Bisschop (reading), Alain Vergé (trumpet), Denis Dugros (oboe), Yves Blanc (bass clarinet), Aymeric Reumaux (video mapping).

Colporteur-N2-web-300x300The holons of St Girons, characters of animation in augmented reality, are issued from images filmed during the workshops of dance improvisation carried out with the inhabitants and schools of St Girons.

Special file Bureau des rêves in Le Colporteur N°2, cultural magazine of the Community of Communes of Couserans (Sept. 2017).