We would have come to recognize with Paul Crutzen and Bruno Latour that the twentieth century marked the entry of the Earth into the Anthropocene, this new geological epoch where man became responsible for what is now called the “sixth global extinction of the Earth “.

Within this geological alteration of the Earth, the human is also at a radical turning point in its history: human / machine hybridization, genetic engineering, post-humanism … we are outstanding in a world of rapid changes.

Holons of the Anthropocene is part of a series of sculptures which fixe / fossilize traces of this human before the break.

Sculptures that repeat one last time the gesture of Dibutade, this Corinthian potter girl who would have traced on a wall the shadow of her lover to never forget his profile, gesture reported by Pliny the Elder as the origin of the drawing.

Mixed installation: metal sculpture and video projection.