Van Gogh was one of those natures of superior lucidity that allow them, in all circumstances, to see further, infinitely and dangerously further than the immediate and apparent reality of the facts.” Antonin Artaud

What if a device of augmented reality would allow us to apprehend the state of perception of Vincent Van Gogh ..?

In the footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh … a journey in the last year of the artist’s life,
a triptych painting crisscrossing his last canvases and letters addressed to his brother Theo,
an augmented reality telescope which plunges us into the painting.


Augmented Reality Installation – Pin Balma, June 29, 2014

Triptych on canvas with augmented reality.
Print on canvas, animation drawing and reading excerpts from Vincent’s letters to his brother Théo.


Postcard in augmented reality

The postcard takes the device of the installation.
An augmented reality postcard to be read on tablet or smartphone, iPhone and Android.
Limited edition of 100 copies, June 2014