holons de Garonne

One year of presence in Verdun / Garonne (France) on invitation of the Happy Culture association; there is December and the time has come to end this year of immersion in the life of Verdun, very rich in events, meetings, shared moments and creations to let mature …

Let’s invest a new place in the center of the city, for a creation to share … An exhibition space around the “small salts” collected over this year. We present these “salts of life” in the form of a very long format, like the Aztec codex: a band of 15 meters long mixing texts, drawings, photos, fixed animations.

At the end of the exhibition, this “Verdun codex” is rolled up and closed in a hermetic box; it is the heart of a time capsule that the inhabitants of Verdun are invited to complete. This capsule is closed for a period of 100 years (it will be reopened on December 21, 2114). Everyone is invited to send a message to our descendants, a word about his way of life today, a projection of what will be their life tomorrow, a message of intention … each one if he wants to can attach a significant object to appear in the capsule. The capsule is closed on Saturday, December 20, 2014 in the morning.

Different workshops are organized with Verdun elementary school to apprehend the techniques of animation and shadow drawing; each class also contributes to the time capsule project.

Artistic project of Territory, on invitation of the association Happy Culture in Verdun / Garonne.
Aymeric Reumaux & Nina Vitale