In the new anthropological space that is opening up, exchange and sharing are at the heart of the organization; speech and experience are organized around our omniscient smartphones.

Projected on the facade of the dungeon of the Capitol, a series of animations / mapping succeed to a time of sharing via the SMS messages of the spectators.

The history of the Dungeon as a former place of municipal archives, invites us to revisit the different times of memory: orality, writing and digital are re-updated by the projected animations.

The installation makes us presage of a collective utopia which favors exchange and creation, values the singularities, gives back the word to each one.

Video mapping with SMS integration of the spectators. Series of 4 animations of 3 minutes crossed with sequences of display of the messages of the spectators. Christmas 2012 : 100,000 spectators in 10 days; nearly 10,000 messages received. Preview online


Production team


AYMERIC REUMAUX, artistic direction, animation, programming

SUZANNE CARDINAL, graphic design

YANNICK FAVOREL, sound design

NINA VITALE, assistant design images and sound

ALEXANDRE GIRARD, messenger treatment

PIERRE-MARIE SOUPAULT, pre & post production



video IEC Events

sound SPOTCO


Mayor of Toulouse

Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Chamber of Trades and Crafts